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119 KM

Weight 370g
Technology IMPACTS
Certification CE EN1077 & ASTM 2040
Construction GLUED ON
Material EPP
Adjustable size R-FIT SYSTEM
Ventilation PERMANENT
Removable & washable padding REMOVABLE & WASHABLE
Padding materials VELVET & 3D MESH
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Ventilated comfort and impact coverage for adventurous young skiers. The kids’ Whoopee IMPACTS helmet features our IMPACTS technology with a hardshell and EPP multi-impact foam combination for enhanced all-around durability with no compromise to fit or weight. A padded liner complements fixed vents for insulated warmth and airflow without direct contact to the head to manage temperature. The Dial R-Fit adjustment system lets you fine tune the fit.

Durable Protection
EPP multi-impact technology features expanded polypropylene that increases durability over the course of regular day-to-day use that helps the helmet retain protective shock absorption properties longer.

Adjustable Fit
The Dial R-Fit system allows for more fit adjustability and is designed to maximize helmet comfort, support and protection.

Built-in Air Circulation
Airflow vents work with ventilation channels between liner layers maintain constant air circulation without cold spots or direct contact with the head.


Even low-intensity shocks that leave no visible trace can alter the protection helmets provide and negatively affect resistance to future impacts. After taking into account the actual day-to-day usage of a ski helmet including, storage, transport, and usage, Rossignol has developed IMPACTS, a new technology that offers premium protection against multiple impacts without compromising on weight, style, or comfort.


The R-fit system lets you adjust your helmet for more support, safety and comfort. Made up of two arms clipped into the helmet and an adjustable dial, the simplicity of the system means that you can adjust your helmet in any number of situations


PERMANENT VENTILATION regulates the temperature by enabling hot air and moisture to escape for increased comfort.


GLUE ON SHELL is an innovative helmet construction that mix In Mold lightweight advantage & ABS HARDSHELL reliability. Thinner than ABS, external shell and inner foam, are separately injection molded, then glued on strategic key point.It sounds like a little revolution in the ski helmet industry.


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